SCIDATOS: Scientific Computing for the Improvement of Detection and Therapy of Sepsis

A research alliance dedicated to a highly relevant health problem: The reliable diagnosis of sepsis and its timely therapy in critically ill patients


Sepsis is the number 3 cause of mortality in the general population and ranks number 1 cause of death in the surgical intensive care unit (ICU). Sepsis is defined as systemic inflammation in the presence of an infection. Typically half of the patients in a surgical ICU suffer from systemic inflammation. Distinction of non-infectious from infectious inflammation (sepsis) is very challenging for clinicians. The association with antibacterial resistance development precludes uncritical prophylactic antibacterial treatment.

Our objective is to identify rules for early and reliable diagnosis of sepsis in critically ill patients and to develop tools for clinical diagnosis. For this, we apply epidemiological and biostatistical methods as well as computer linguistics and text mining to clinical documentation in a data-oriented approach. We collect complementary data from targeted cellular and molecular analyses. Particular emphasis is on modeling and simulation of the pro- and anti-inflammatory process. This enables testing of hypotheses in silico and the discovery of new strategies for sepsis therapy, will enhance our understanding of inflammation, and has the potential to significantly advance critical care.

The SCIDATOS project is funded by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung. The foundation was created in 1995 by the physicist and co-founder of SAP Klaus Tschira. It is one of Europe’s largest privately funded non-profit foundations. The Klaus Tschira Stiftung promotes the advancement of natural sciences, mathematics, and computer science and strives to raise appreciation for these fields. The Foundation’s commitments begin in the kindergartens and continue at primary and secondary schools, universities and research facilities. The Foundation champions new methods of scientific knowledge transfer, and supports both development and intelligible presentation of research findings. More information is available on the official website.

The SCIDATOS research alliance is a direct result of the 2011 challenge workshop on "Mathematics for Health Care" organized by KoMSO.

The interdisciplinary Kick-Off Workshop on February 18-19, 2016 at the Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg (IWH) will feature internationally renowned experts in sepsis research and scientific computing.
The workshop is funded by the programme "Scientific Computing" of the Institutional Strategy of Heidelberg University "Heidelberg: Realising the Potential of A Comprehensive University".