Open Consultation on “Mathematics in H2020”

The EU has just launched an open consultation on "Mathematics in H2020".

Mathematics is recognised today as essential and indispensable for addressing the major challenges in science, technology and society. Faced with the abundance of data on social, technical, economic, ecological, and technological systems new and sophisticated mathematical tools are required for these data to help us tackle pressing societal challenges and provide us with the necessary technological advantages. The “knowledge society” is “ignorant” without mathematics!

This consultation seeks to inform the future work programmes (2018-19-20) with innovative mathematical content. Two facts motivate this request: today’s digital society depends on mathematics and algorithms; there is a vast pool of mathematical talent in Europe. The conclusion is that Europe can be first in mathematical applications for big data, computing and especially HPC, to be first in modern science and innovation.


This consultation will stay open till 30 April 2016.