The award recognizes three fields of endeavor: Fundamental Physics, Life Sciences and Mathematics

The Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences honors advances in understanding living systems and extending human life. Each year, one of the five prizes recognizes work leading to progress on Parkinson’s Disease and neurodegenerative disorders generally. The Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics is given annually for accomplishments in fundamental physics broadly defined, including advances in closely related fields with deep connections to physics, and can be shared by any number of winners. The Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics is given annually to an individual making significant achievements in mathematics. The New Horizons in Prizes reward younger researchers who have already produced significant work.

Prize money:
- Breakthrough Prizes in the field of Life Sciences (up to five annual $ 3 million prizes)
- Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics (one annual $ 3 million prize)
- Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics (one annual $ 3 million prize)
- New Horizons in Physics (up to three annual $ 100,000 prizes)
- New Horizons in Mathematics Prizes (up to three annual $ 100,000 prizes)

The nomination process is open to anyone. Selection Committees composed of previous Breakthrough Prize laureates choose the winners.

- Self-nominations are not allowed.-

Nominations will be accepted until May 31, 2017.

The 2018 laureates will be announced at the Breakthrough Prize ceremony in late 2017.

The nomination form, rules and more information can be found here.