PhD Positions/Post-doc: Memory & Brain Investigation, Italy

Contact Information: Alessandro Treves

A postdoc is sought to join a HFSP-funded project to study analog
cortical computations in linguistic processes. A collaboration with
Naama Friedmann (TAU) and Remi Monasson (ENS). Ideal candidates have a
flair for (some) language, come from a background we have not thought of
and seek to get to places where they have not been, at the crossroads
between neuroscience, complex systems, and poetry.

Two PhD students from outside Italy are sought to later join as ESRs the
EU Training Network M-GATE, on hippocampal memory functions. A network
of 7 institutes + 4 companies, coordinated by Francesco Battaglia
(Nijmegen). Ideal candidates, who can be of any nationality but must not
have spent much time in Italy in the last 3 years, enjoy analytical,
mathematical and computational excursions when in search of fundamental
network understanding. Deadline August 31st, 2017.

Formal applications eventually needed, but please see first obsolete
limbo information and contact well in advance.

Expiration Date: 
Thursday, August 31, 2017