CIFRE pre-thesis internship and PhD thesis in geometric modeling

A six months pre-thesis Internship position is opened at Inria Sophia Antipolis in collaboration with the startup Ekinnox. It can continue as a CIFRE Ph.D. thesis.

Topic: Geometric Modeling of Human Walking for Medical Rehabilitation via Data Fitting and Machine Learning.

Abstract. This internship is part of a research project whose aim is to develop an innovative solution for medical diagnostic and monitoring of walking ability disorders. Its main objective is the determination of a parametric continuous model that provides a good representation of walking from 3D camera acquisitions. This model should be simple albeit sufficiently rich to yield a reliable approximation of all possible walking patterns. Furthermore, a fitting algorithm will also be devised in order to identify the best instance of this model for a wide range of data sets. This algorithm will have to exhibit robustness to variable noise and occultations, two defects that are inherent to 3D point acquisitions from depth maps.

A complete description and more details are given in the attached pdf file.

  • Ekinnox
  • Sophia Antipolis
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  • PhD Thesis
Salary Range: 1.65 €
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Expiration Date: 
Thursday, June 22, 2017