Simulation in production and logistics

September 20 - 22, 2017


General Information

Every two years the ASIM Dedicated Conference organized by the workgroup “Simulation in Production and Logistics” presents recent developments and interesting applications of simulation. This largest European simulation conference for production and logistics is well balanced between research, development and industrial use. New scientific papers are discussed as well as successful applications of simulation in companies.

Hereby representatives of companies, which have not been using simulation before, can get first impressions in possible applications of simulation and are able to estimate the benefits of simulation for their own business.

Simulation users can share experiences, evaluate new offers and participate in professional discourses. Workshops intensify the discussion on specific latest topics. Presentations can be held in German and English. The connected exhibition with renowned companies in the simulation industry creates an opportunity to review recent developments and service offerings.

We would be pleased to welcome you in Kassel in September 2017