7th Modeling Day Rhein-Neckar

Industry 4.0

July 10, 2014


General Information

The HGS MathComp’s 7th Modeling Day on “Industry 4.0” takes place on July 10, 2014, at the Print Media Academy in Heidelberg. The half-day event starts at 2PM and offers a platform for both practitioners and scientists to discuss innovations, determine similarities and differences of applied modeling approaches, as well as maintain mutual exchange of experiences.

At the center of modern industry organization lies digital imaging. That way, data stream emerges at different process and management levels that – based on their connection to corporate processes – deliver complementary event description: At the individual process level material and commodity flow, energy balance, as well as the employment of workers represent the production details. Within merchandise trade, production processes can be construed from an aggregated level. Thereby, not only external but also internal product networks are crucial for efficient production. Controlling views the utilized resources from an economical perspective and steers decisions towards intermediate-term management control. Long-term decisions, for instance for the opening of new sites or the development of markets, is, after all, based on aggregated or integrated information flows of the overall company respectively.

This Modeling Day aims at contributing to communication between industry and university within the scope of this complex issue. The coupling of models as well as the computation of sensitivities to determine dependencies between horizontal and vertical model structures represent one example where scientific computing and Industry 4.0 can make use of synergies.

The Modeling Day will solely be held in German.

  • Wenn Sie mit einem Vortrag aus Ihrer Arbeit berichten wollen oder wenn Sie sonstige Themenvorschläge haben, dann wenden Sie sich bitte an einen Vertreter des Programmkomitees.

  • Allgemeine Organisation: Prof. Dr. D.W. Heermann (IWR), Dr. M. Winckler (IWR)

  • Themenbetreuung Industrie 4.0: Dr. D. Beigel (IWR), Dr. C. Kirches (IWR), Dr. A. Potschka (IWR)

  • Industriekontakte: Dr. A. Schreieck (BASF SE), Dr. G. Gumbel (IHK Rhein-Neckar)