Follow-Up Modeling Day on "Open Data"

April 15, 2016


General Information

The HGS MathComp's Follow-Up Modeling Day on "Open Data" takes place on April 15, 2016 at the Mathematikon in Heidelberg, Germany.


The whole-day event starts at 9PM and offers a platform for both practitioners and scientists to discuss innovations, determine similarities and differences of applied modeling approaches, as well as maintain mutual exchange of experiences.


This workshop aims at contributing to communication between industry and university within the complex issue "Open Data" while at the same time considering ethical and legal aspects of open data.


The Modeling Day is open to the public, with advance registration requested. Participation is free of charge.The event will solely be held in German.


For further information, please visit the event's website:


The Modeling Day is jointly organized by HGS MathComp, InnovationLab GmbH, BASF SE, as well as supported by KoMSO, the Chamber of Commerce Rhine-Neckar and further industrial partners.

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