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Big Data | Mathematics in Industry 4.0

June 02, 2017


General Information

Big Data is one of the most interesting and active areas nowadays, full of potential challenging subjects for mathematical researchers. In this conference, held in Porto on June 2, 2017, this subject will be approached in a broadband manner, taking special interest at new insights in what the future may bring concerning the so called Industry 4.0 and related challenges, including regulation and privacy concerns. This conference in Big Data serves as a launching event of the PT-MATHS-IN, the Portuguese Network for Mathematics in Industry and Innovation, which is the Portuguese representative of the European Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation (EU-MATHS-IN), whose goal is to leverage the impact of Mathematics in Industry, promoting information exchange and developing partnerships between these two groups. EU-MATHS-IN is now a European network of 14 countries national consortiums. It will be perfect to get together industry, research community, startups and regulators in a out-of-the-box discussion in the recently awarded "Best European Destination 2017" city of Porto. Come to Porto, get fresh ideas and new insights regarding Big Data, and as side effect, enjoy its World Heritage Historical Centre, hospitality, gastronomy and nice weather.

Invited Speakers: 
  • Filipa Calvão : Challenges Concerning the Reform of Data Protection Rules in the EU
  • Gabriel Bernardino : Future Challenges for Big Data in Insurance
  • Rui Paiva : Challenges and Opportunities for Mathematicians in Fraud Management
  • Stefano Lacus : Big Data in Political Campaigns
  • Wil Schilders : Big Data - Challenges and Opportunities from EU-MATHS-IN Point of View
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