2nd Workshop on Design, Simulation, Optimization and Control of Green Vehicles and Transportation

September 22 - 23, 2014


General Information

This second workshop is the closing event of the project entitled "Basic research for the development of hybrid and electric vehicles" and also a scientific event of the projects running at the Research Centre for Vehicle Industry of Széchenyi István University, Győr, Hungary under the grants TÁMOP-4.2.2.A-11/1/KONV-2012-0012 and TÁMOP-4.2.2.C-11/1/KONV-2012-0012. In these projects research is performed to solve some of the challenges of green vehicles and smart transportation faced by modern society.

More specifically, the conference themes are focused on design and the development of electric motors for vehicles, urban traffic flow and its environmental effects with pollutant formations. The engineering goals cannot be achieved without using the methods of mathematical modelling, computer simulation, optimization and control, which combined have recently become one of the key enabling technologies of industry. Within the themes the scientific background and application of this technology concerning electric vehicles and urban traffic should be presented. In order to support this aim and assist young and new researchers of the fields, some tutorials have been organized as part of the workshop. Another vital part of the workshop will be lectures on industry and on funding opportunities in Horizon 2020.

Main topics:

  • Green Vehicle concepts (PMS electric motors)
  • Urban traffic flow and its environmental effects (e.g. air pollution)
  • Design, simulation and optimization of PMS motors for vehicles
  • Positive systems and control
  • Industrial applications and funding opportunities