History of KoMSO

The Strategy Day for Mathematics is a component of the strategy dialogue for mathematics, initiated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and launched in the Year of Mathematics 2008.

The Strategy Day for Mathematics 2020 took place in Bonn, Germany, on November 9, 2010. Mathematicians, natural, engineering as well as computer scientists from industry, interest groups, academia, and research organizations debated possible ways of how to better open up the potential of mathematics and make it available for society.

List of Participants (in alphabetical order)

In May 2011, KoMSO was founded in Heidelberg. In the wake of this event, a coordination office was established at the IWR (with some initial support of Heidelberg University and IWR's graduate school HGS MathComp), the first challenge workshops took place and networking activities commenced.

KoMSO Inaugural Meeting 2011

Inaugural Meeting, 2011